VZCY Car Visor Sunshade Extender


The majority of factory visors are, to be frank, always disappointing. Not only do the majority of them have a gap in which the sun creeps through, they’re often too short for smaller drivers. Yet with VZCY’s sunshade extender, you’ll be driving without a squint from the get-go. The sunshade extender equips its user with 100% UV protection, as their skin will be protected behind the shade of the sun-block instead of being burnt to a crisp while driving in the midday summer heat.

Compatible with all built-in visors, this durable anti-glare visor is made from superior PU&PU material to resist harmful UV rays. If you’re a driver who becomes hot and bothered with the sun’s heat blasting the side of your face, this versatile sunshade can even be fitted on your side window. Whether you’re looking to save your own skin or your friend’s eyes, VZCY’s sunshade extender is the product for you.