Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine


One of the big advantages of a car camping trip is getting out into nature and leaving behind the worries and stresses of modern life. Unfortunately, this also means leaving behind a lot of the positives of modern life. If one of those positives for you is the easy availability of excellent coffee, you may quickly start to long for your morning wake up cup of bean juice.

Never fear, Carbibles is here with yet another piece of camping essentials for the modern human. The Wacaco Minipress is a very impressive little tool. For one thing, it contains an internal grinder, meaning your coffee can be as fresh as possible. It is also completely hand operated and requires no electrical power.

Of course you do need to boil the water. This could be done over a campfire though, so even the most rugged campsite can still generate all you need for a tasty shot of espresso. 70Ml water capacity allows for a good-sized shot, and the device itself is designed to be easy to clean for multiple uses.