Wagan 12V Cooler


It’s a vertical car cooler, one that fits perfectly into those tight corridors in your car. You have to keep it ventilated properly, but the possibilities are still wide open compared to a standard cube-shaped car refrigerator. Apart from the unique design, you also get an adapter to plug into any standard 110V outlet. This lets you put food from the pan into a container, right in your unit, and you’re out the door. You get a heating temperature cap of 135 F, with cooling hitting as low as 40 F to properly refrigerate temp-sensitive food items.

The hull is made of temperature-treated plastic, keeping this 12V cooler nice and lightweight. Mix that with the fact that the heat vent and motor run at such a low, whisper-quiet noise level, and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic car cooler. As a heads up, you might have a little bit of trouble fitting this between the center console and the dash. That’s okay, because you get plenty of cord space to run this just about anywhere in your car.