Wagner Furno 300 Heat Gun


Our final product is this Black & Decker Heat gun. It is another of the more basic design of a heat gun. So that means that it can only switch between two temperatures instead of being truly variable. Those temperatures are by the way 750 and 1000 Fahrenheit. With all the other basic models it shares the advantage of being really simple to use, with just one simple little button to control the tool. It doesn’t come with any accessories or nozzles. Since it has a price tag of around 25 bucks for what is a pretty basic model that could look a little steep compared to some other tools. You have to remember that you are also paying for the Black & Decker Build quality here too. One cool feature is a little stand that comes out the rear of the unit. It is used in conjunction with the flat base to hold the device upright so that it can cool down after use. That’s a useful little feature and does show that the product has been well designed to include useful little extras like that.