Wagner Spraytech Paint Sprayer


The Wagner airless paint sprayer is another great offering from a reputable company that specializes in manufacturing all kinds of DIY friendly products. Its Flexio 890 is a must have for homeowners with an eye for detail and weekend warriors in need of a lightweight tool with many handy features. Time is of the essence when it comes to renovating key pieces inside the house and even kitchen cabinets. This model allows you to save up on time and paint by providing broad surface coverage with minimal overspray. You will also receive a 11.5-foot hose so you can easily paint hard to reach areas without putting additional pressure on your arm. There are two nozzles to choose from: the iSpray and the Detail Finish nozzle. The first one is ideal for painting large areas and the second one is essential for a flawless finish when it comes to your favorite chairs and other key pieces around the house.