Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Set


The Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 car brakes are quiet, of great quality and with superior braking power. Add to that the fact they’re pretty affordable, and you get one excellent disc pad set.

With proprietary friction formulation, these brakes provide a quiet, low-dusting operation. To make everything even smoother, the brakes use a Dynamic Noise Absorption technology that targets and absorbs vibration at a point of contact. There’s also a Thermal-sensitive friction feature that adjusts the brakes to different temperatures to ensure optimum braking power in various weather conditions.

What makes these brakes special is that they have an Integrally Molded Insulator which makes the product a one-piece design (there is no shim). All in all, if you want excellent stopping power, minimal heat, vibration and noise, this may be the ideal product for you.