Wells Lamont 1132L Leather Work Gloves


Our next entry comes from Wells Lamont who is bringing us out first pair of genuine leather work gloves. With a price point of a bit over 10 bucks, these gloves are excellent value for 100% genuine cowhide.

They are worn with a very simple wrist closure device that secures the gloves to your hands. The palms are reinforced with a strip of leather and the thumbs are an ergonomic keystone design. That’s really about it as far as features go, these are pretty simple work gloves really. Of course, when they are made of such a naturally awesome material as 100% cowhide, they don’t need to be bursting with features.

That’s because the leather itself is the big selling point. It’s extremely tough, very durable and surprisingly supple. Owing to that low price point, the leather is not treated in any way to provide any water repelling features – so do try not to get them too wet.