WEN 73017 Vehicle Dolly


This tire dolly from WEN comes as a pack of 2 instead of a pack of 4 as we’ve seen with the two offerings above. With a price of under 50 bucks though, they are still good value even if you end up buying a pair of 2 packs.

The construction is pretty similar to what we’ve seen already. The car tire is supported on a sheet of metal that is dipped and cut with a raised diamond pattern for extra grip. Weight capacity is rated at 1500 lbs per dolly, for a total weight capacity of 3000 lbs. The tire plate rests on four 2-1/2 inch casters for easy movement.

There is also a useful carry handle and built in brakes. The black paint is a bit more subtle than the old eye catching red that is often seen on wheel dolly products, though do bear in mind it may make the dollies a little harder to spot in a gloomier garage. There is of course no excuse for poor lighting in any garage!