Westlake RP18 All- Season Radial Tire


The Westlake RP18 All-Season Radical Tire is a phenomenal touring tire that was specially designed to deliver all year round performance for drivers. This tire provides over 40,000 miles for your car, while still giving the stability and sturdiness that you appreciate. This tire is very inclusive and can be suitable for a good number of car brands and makes including Coupes, Sedans, Crossovers, and Minivans and you can simply check if this tire is suitable for your car by just selecting the desired tire width, tire aspect ratio and wheel diameter out of the options provided. This tire also comes in a smaller range that was designed to fit older vehicles which have smaller fitments, so you can be pretty confident in knowing that this tire was built with you and your car in mind.

With the Westlake RP18, you get to enjoy the amazing benefits that it provides such as enhanced responsiveness alongside strong and sturdy durability throughout the year. What’s more, this tire comes with a very symmetrical thread pattern which works specifically to give the tire several different options when it comes to rotation as a way to extend the thread life. Additionally, it is an all-weather tire, so you can easily drive in whatever weather condition, come snow, rain or sun. The tire also features very complex and elaborate sipping and thread pattern, all which were designed to work together in order to evacuate water effectively when driving; so that you can always maintain good traction even on a wet road.