Westlake SA07 All- Season Radial Tire


If you want to experience enhanced performance when driving, then look no further than the Westlake SA07 All-Season Radical Tire. These high-performance tires are suitable for Sedans, CUVs and touring cars just to name a few, and you can be sure to experience the best drives of your life. First of all, these tires can be mounted and balanced easily without any hassle, so you already know that you’re off to a great start. Then, when it comes to grip, these tires stay firm and steady on the road, providing quiet stability you didn’t even know you needed. Even on wet roads, the Westlake SA07 delivers as its thread pattern has the just enough sipping to easily direct the water away as you drive.

These tires have been optimized to provide better handling and balance, with its specially designed thread made with circumferential channels that give lateral stability and accurate responsiveness which works to greatly increase the fast expulsion of water from the tires to ensure that the grip stays secure and strong throughout different types of seasons. What’s more, the improved and strengthened thread compound also contains silica which works to provide a lower rolling resistance in wet conditions while still delivering a better fuel efficiency. Even during a heavy downpour, you can trust that these tires will work perfectly, never losing pressure or grip during extremely wet weather.