Westlake SL369 All- Season Radial Tire


This sturdy Westlake SL369 All-Season Radical Tire provides you with a high-quality drive every time. This tire is incredibly made and requires minimum effort when mounting, plus it needs very little balancing which signifies that it has been well built. It gives a smooth yet quiet ride as well as amazing traction as you ride. The SL369 features a radical thread pattern which was designed to enhance the traction and tread life of the tires so that even if you’re driving on an icy road or a rocky terrain, you can feel confident in knowing that your tires are going to come through for you. What’s more, with the SL369, you don’t have to always drive on a smooth driving path. These tires were built for the challenge, which is why they are perfect for off-road driving paths as well. You can easily transition from the highway to a rocky and muddy off-road path when making use of these tires on your rims without having to even blink an eye.

Additionally, the transition value it offers is priceless, and you never have to worry about the state of your tires when you drive through unstable terrains because the SL369s come with a series of circumferential grooves all around them that help to efficiently and effectively expel of mud, dirt and water as you drive. These tires perform great in dry, rocky, rugged and muddy conditions and in moderate off-road conditions as well, so your rocky ride through the forest, desert and across the country has just been made thousand times easier.