Wheel Hangers Set


If anyone purchased the Wheel Hangers and hated it, there must’ve been something wrong with his garage, not the rack. Our final item in our list is a wall mounted storage unit crafted by professionals with heavy-duty steel and coated with rust-resistant powder. Its construction ensures that your tires are carried and stores safely for as long as you need. This unit features a tire hook that accommodates a single casing. Each hook holds weights of up to 55 pounds, even though most of the tire weights are around 25 pounds. For installation, all hardware is provided with your purchase, and you’re expected to attach it to your wall. Your wall may be brick or block, but that won’t stop your tire rack from connecting easily.

The Wheel Hangers set also features a sturdy utility garage hooks ladder racks which is suitable for holding your ladder, yard tools, blower, etc. it is an all-in-one storage set that caters for several types of garage tools. This tire storage is a great alternative to others that tend to take up more space than they recover for you. Since it’s attached to your wall, it won’t take up your garage corner or disrupt movement around your shop.