Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench


To apply the necessary torque to fasteners used in most firearms and firearm accessories, the Wheeler Firearms Torque Wrench is ideal. It is a hand-driven wrench which makes use of a click/clutch system. It features a standard quarter-inch hex drive, with a torque adjustment fringe starting from 10 inches to 65 inches. Its handle has been designed to be an ergonomic fit, considering the different types of hands that will be using it. It also features a quarter inch socket together with ten of the more popular gunsmithing bits found on the market today. It is a fantastic torque that aids in accuracy and also allows you to apply repeatable yet accurate settings to guard screws, base screws, scope rings and windage screws.

The Wheeler Torque wrench is also known to decrease the opportunity for problems in the field. Concerning its hex drive tip and ergonomic handle, this wrench can apply torque within its adjustment range at 5 inches’ increments and can be used for the installation of action screws, base screws, trigger guard screws and scope rings. It is, however, not limited to the uses listed above. Bring consistency and perfection to every screw you rifle by getting the Wheeler Wrench in your toolbox.