Whistler CR90 High Performance Radar Detector


Whistler has an excellent reputation for producing high quality detectors that don’t break the bank. This model brings a lot of premium features to the table with a mid-market price, but don’t let that fool you!

The fact that you get detection across all bands of radar commonly used by US Police is a great start. Add to that the fact it comes with built in laser detection too and the features are really starting to mount. Finally, 360 degree protection from both is an incredibly useful feature to have – and rounds off a trio of excellent design points in this model.

Some users have reported a higher than normal incidence of false alarms with this model, especially across K-Band Radar beam wavelength. Truth is, you’ll likely get false alarms with most models – so really you just have to decide if it is worth maybe having a few more to shave some dollars off the price tag.