Wiha 28502 TorqueVario-S Torque Screwdriver


The Wiha TorqueVario Torque Screwdriver is an incredibly unique tool and one of the best in recent times. Developed and tested in accordance with all calibration certifications, this is a screwdriver that encourages increased productivity and reduces damages. Each torque screwdriver produced by Wiha features a different certificate of calibration in addition to a serial number that can be traced with ease. Lightweight and compact in nature, this tool features an ergonomically engineered multi-component handle that has been correctly sized to optimise the torque range. The Wiha screwdriver prevents torque from being altered mistakenly through the use of an adjustment tool that regulates all torque values. This torque screwdriver produces a perceptible and audible click when the torque setting has been reached, before resetting automatically for the next torque cycle.

To eliminate the event of false readings, all models produced come with an integrated direct reading window scale that is meant to display the torque value. The torque setter provided is an adjustment tool used to regulate or continuously adjust the torque value. You need to make the Wiha TorqueVario torque a member of your toolbox today as it is easy to use, adapt and read, and will make your work more comfortable with no risk of damage or injury.