Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock


One issue that can come up with car camping trips is a lack of sleeping space. Naturally, a car is not the most comfortable place to sleep, especially for a number of people. Whilst tents can be an option (and, spoiler, we’ll look at some later on), another option in warmer climates is a hammock.

This option, from Wise Owl Outfitters, is one of the best examples of hammock style sleeping gear out there on the market right now. That quality starts with the material used for the construction. Wise Owl has gone for 210T Parachute Nylon. This material is both extremely tough but also very soft. That should make for a hammock that provides a good night’s sleep but also shouldn’t rip or collapse – both very good design points in a hammock!

It is also very easy to store. The single person version rolls up to about the size of a grapefruit, whilst unfolding to over 9 feet in length for a comfortable sleeping area. The couples version is bigger and, depending who you are sharing it with, more fun.