WNG Brands Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit


From the dedicated First Aid Kit we just examined, we now turn to a more general emergency kit. Whilst it does include a First Aid Kit, it is, as you can probably anticipate by now, pretty basic.

The rest of the tools are pretty good however, and it’s great to see this kit includes a Towrope. It is in fact one of the few that does boast one, and it can be a very useful tool indeed when rescuing broken down vehicles/being rescued from your own breakdown.

Aside from that, safety features are good, comprising a vest and reflective triangle; jumper cables are useful as is the LED flashlight. A safety hammer/ seat belt cutter is a very, very useful tool as well – it’s the kind of tool that if it ever does come in handy you’ll be extremely glad you have it, because you’ll probably only use it in a situation when someone’s life is in immediate danger.