WORKPRO 16-Inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag


Even though some bags have frankly cavernous internal storage areas, they are held back by small openings. To us, that is the mark of a poorly designed tool bag, that the manufacturer has gone to the effort to give you a nice big storage space – then dropped the ball and not given you the ability to access and use it properly.

That is not a problem you are going to have with this tool bag design from WORKPRO. It has a wide mouth design that is so wide it could even rival your mother in law, giving outstanding access to the internal storage space. This bag can happily swallow up big tools (again, just like your mother in law) whilst it also boasts a very tough construction, complete with a rigid and waterproof plastic base.

There are padded carry handles and a shoulder sling to help you haul it around, it has a nice understated blue and black design and includes various mesh pockets and pouches for a little extra storage. All that for a price tag of under 20 bucks help explain why this is one of the more popular tools bags around right now.