WTB Rocket Saddle


We’ll kick off our list with this saddle from WTB, which is channeling a strong racing aesthetic for riders who like to go a little faster. This is most evident in the long nose and slightly narrow overall dimensions, coming in at 13 x 26 Centimeters (5.12 x 10.26 Inches).

Those dimensions make for a seat that will allow you to sit more forward when required, placing your center of gravity a little more over the center of the bike itself, really allowing you to develop excellent power through the pedals when required.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because this saddle is built for speed it has shed a lot of the elements of comfort saddles though. You will find a very good level of padding in this saddle, all covered with a tough but comfortable microfiber cover. Running down the middle you will also see that WTB have installed a pressure channel to add an extra level of comfort.

Finally Cromoly rails have been selected for a strong but light saddle that is perfect for Road, XC (Cross Country) and Trail mountain bike riding.