Xelement Black Easy Fit Motorcycle Chaps


This set of black cowhide leather chaps are available in 11 sizes, so you will not have any problems with sizing. They are made from a mid-weight smooth leather that offers both comfort and flexibility. The chaps have been fully lined as far as the knee and are suitable for men and women. Thanks to the addition of side-covered zippers together with the snap leg closures, they are very easy to get in and out of. To give you additional thigh room, there is another zipper on the thigh that has webbing so you are guaranteed the best fit.

If you have had issues with the fit of other chaps, this could be the product for you. They are extremely durable with strong hardware and an inseam which is 33-36 inches. The chaps feature an adjustable lace on the backside so that they can be adjusted. There is also a left pocket on these excellent biker chaps.