XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter


The manufacturing brand, XPRIT, is a company majorly known for its outstanding line of hoverboards. They have provided effectiveness with their products, and it’s no wonder why their scooters are thriving well in the market. With a touch of professionalism and excellence, XPRIT has won over a lot of riders with their outstanding products. This is why it’s a joy to see their electric scooter made specifically for kids, providing outstanding features to go with it. The XPRIT Folding Electric Scooter is an electric scooter with impressive top range and speed capacities. It also possesses folding features, fully incorporating all the necessary advantages a kid should encounter when using an electric scooter.

With an effective delivery and representation, this electric scooter is made with efficiently crafted durable steel, which ascertains this electric scooter of maximum durability. The insightful and carefully thought about feature that helps kids to be a little more careful when playing is the provision of the LCD screen which is an intuitive advantage. This LCD display shows the scooter’s battery life, and is engineered to enable kids to keep track of time when playing, ensuring they don’t get carried away. The folding features make this electric scooter quite portable and its lightweight features are suitable enough even for a kid to handle. With a top range of 13 miles and a top speed of 12.4 mph, kids have adequate riding time with friends and on many occasions.