XtremepowerUS Portable Compact Washer Dryer Combo


Small but powerful and convenient, the XtremepowerUS washer and dryer set is a perfect addition to any recreational vehicle. With a capacity of 8.8 pounds in the washing tub and 4.4 pounds in the spinning machine, it’s great for single folks as well as couples.

This RV washer dryer combo washes all kinds of clothing but is especially (and rather surprisingly) good at doing small loads of delicate clothing, including undergarments and delicate shirts. The washing machine has a rating of 300W, while the spin dryer has a rating of 150W, so it’s a pretty standard portable washer dryer that doesn’t use a lot of electricity. Being 28 pounds, it’s small, compact and lightweight, perfect for various RVs, motor homes and of course, small apartments.