Yakima Adjustable Truck Bed Rack


The Overhaul HD rack from Yakima is another great option for truck owners who need a versatile truck rack where they can secure coolers and other bulky items instead of crowding the truck bed. Pickup truck racks need to be sturdy and easy to install, and the Overhaul HD is both. What is great about this rack is that its height can be adjusted from 19 inches up to 30 inches. This practical feature is accompanied by a key system that allows you to secure both racks to the truck bed using one key. Each rack can support up to 500 pounds of cargo, but this capacity drops down to 300 pounds during off-road excursions. You can secure your cargo using multiple tie down points and T-slot attachments to keep your gear in place, especially on uneven or bumpy terrain. The rack takes around one hour to assemble, and all the tools you need are included. This model is compatible with other Yakima mounts, eliminating the need for specialized racks.