Yakima FatCat Locking Ski and Snowboard Rack


The first roof rack on our list is Yakima’s FatCat model. The two bars fit onto Yakima crossbars whether they feature a square, round, factory, or aerodynamic design. This fit makes them a great option if need ski racks for SUVs.

The racks are really easy to install – no expertise or tools are required – so you can get on with your trip sooner. Once in place, they stay securely locked in, thanks to Yakima’s integrated SKS locking system.

They also feature a sleek, low profile that’s designed for excellent aerodynamic performance and minimising drag. They look good too, thanks to a mirror-black finish that stands up well against chips. Finally, Yakima’s patented DoubleJoint hinge system means the racks can accommodate modern ‘fat’ skis and boards as well as their slimmer traditional counterparts.