Yescom Electric Recovery Winch


Warn make their second appearance on our list, and this second product could not be more different from the first. Whilst the big Warn winch was the most powerful on our list (with 12,500 Pounds of Pulling Power) this second model generates only 1,000 pounds.

Whilst that does make it the weakest on the list, it is also by far the most portable and easy to use. You don’t even have to mount it, just attach the hooked end to a stable & strong surface via a ring or sling and away you go.

That makes this winch perfect to carry in the back of a flat bed or truck or to keep around the home for any heavy lifting tasks. Getting an ATV into a truck bed or a jet ski onto a trailer for example will be much easier with this useful little machine.

Operation is insanely easy with one built in trigger (with variable speed operation), and a built in LED load indicator ensures you never try to lift more than the winch can handle, a very useful safety feature.