Safety has to be your number one priority behind the wheel, no matter what. We know we’re preaching to the choir on this one, but YITAMOTOR made a fantastic way to remain as safe as possible in all weather variants. Whether it’s a winding backroad or a rainy night, their LED bar is designed to shed some light on your uncertainty. With one full bar and two separate spot lights, this kit amplifies your visibility in all conditions, and works wonder if you need a bit more light when you’re giving your buddy a jump.

You get two metal mounting brackets, as well as a coil of the necessary cables and switches. Your spot lights are designed to move up to thirty degrees, giving you a bit more range and maneuverability. Issues on the road tend to happen in the blink of an eye: YITAMOTOR grants you better reaction time and a brighter, clearer path ahead. You’ll be able to use this 52” light bar with any Jeep Wrangler or JK model on the road.