Yokohama Avid Touring S All Season Tire


Avid Touring-S, one of the Yokohama’s best-selling tires, is an all-season tire designed for sedans, sport coupes, minivans and crossovers. This is a hybrid tire that combines comfort and excellent all-weather traction, offering well-balanced performance all around.

The Avid Touring-S is Yokohama’s ultra-popular tire for a reason; a number of reasons, actually. For one, it utilizes several impressive technologies that allow it to provide stable, smooth and comfortable rides no matter the weather. Dry, wet and light snow traction are all impressive, and the tire can even deal with super-bumpy and rough roads with no issues. It also comes with great wear characteristics and a good warranty, but still manages to stay within the budget-friendly limits. The features that ensure the quality of the tire include:

  • Tri-plex tread compound: for increased tread life and better traction
  • Tapered rain channels + circumferential groves: to accelerate water evacuation and improve wet traction
  • Cross traction sipes: more biting edges improve handling and traction in both wet and snowy conditions, making these also a good choice for winter tires
  • Special sidewall construction: a tapered hard rubber insertion helps reduce road vibrations, leads to more comfortable rides
  • Silent shoulder: extra sipes and variable tread block sizes further reduce road noise and promote quiet driving.