YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower


The Yoo.Mee brand manufactures high-quality products from durable and efficient materials that enhance their longevity and also offer more strength during usage. This brand understands the needs of customers. If you want a shower head that is simple in design, functional and reliable in construction, the Yoo.Mee Pressure Shower Head is a good solution. This showerhead is ideal for use in all recreational vehicles as it is easily portable and extremely functional.

The Yoo.Mee RV camper shower offers potent shower spray and is also very versatile in operation. It fulfills several functions and helps you to save water during your regular showers. This unit features an upgraded Turbocharging unit that operates under the water conservation principle. We love how this showerhead allows you to relax and take deep breaths as the water pours down over you, relieving you of all muscle aches and pains. This showerhead also comes with a silicone rubber jet nozzle system that makes it easy to clean and also prevents the build-up of minerals — the Yoo.Mee shower head has additional accessories that make its operations easier. Some of these accessories include a hose, flow regulator, and an adjustable bracket.