Yuasa Battery for Harley Davidson


Another Yuasa entry shows just how trusted they are as manufacturers of Harley Davidson replacement batteries. They have a long history in which they have consistently provided quality, and in the Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L, we have another solid addition to their list of great batteries. This one features absorbed glass mat separators, and its solid construction eliminates the need for any sort of maintenance on it. It can be easily installed and is then good to go. It also comes with an acid bottle as it is supplied dry and holds charges really well; what’s more, its low discharging quality makes it so that it can be easily used intermittently, and there would still be no problems. It does require charging, but not too often. Keep the 6.87 by 3.43 by 6.12 inches measurements in mind as they would be necessary so as to know if it fits with your Harley Davidson.