Z-OFFROAD LED Motorcycle Headlight


Meeting the traditional reflector type of headlight, this LED motorcycle headlamp from Z-OFFROAD uses a honeycomb LED style in which the lights are laid together to make an extremely bright option for any motorbike rider. Along with the anti-scratch, projector lens and super-bright LED’s, this headlamp is easily the brightest motorcycle headlamp on the market with a colossal 6500lms on it’s high beam.

The “plug and play” design allows for an extra easy installation, which the manufacturer claims should take no longer than 20 minutes and the reviews for this item certainly seem to match this. The only downside to this choice seems to be that the overall lifespan of the headlight is much shorter than some of the others, with a 50,000 hour longevity over the top spot of 80,000 hours.