Zamp Car Racing Helmet


Just like Conquer, RaceQuip equips drivers with the security they crave time and time again. Their second product reviewed today, their Snell SA2015 glossy-white Open Face Helmet, allows drivers to feel the wind on their face when racing: a feeling of complete freedom. RaceQuip do away with frills and instead, focus on making their driver comfortable and secure.

Although some bemused customers speak about how the helmet is so big it makes them look like a Spaceball Trooper, one massive plus is that glasses-wearers have plenty of wiggle room. Plus, RaceQuip pulls out all the stops to ensure that their SFI-helmet is as durable as you can get thanks to the included storage bag and its fire-resistant construction. Available from small to extra-large, it’s a trustworthy helmet suitable for all racers.