ZEEPIN TPMS Solar Power Tire Pressure Monitoring System


ZEEPIN’s TPMS is another great solution for keeping track of your tire pressure on a budget. Its four sensors are resistant against water and corrosion, as well as being fitted with anti-theft technology. Meanwhile, the monitor features a large screen for easy reading, and will emit an audio and visual alert immediately if one of your tires reaches an unsafe pressure or temperature. The screen is back-lit, too, so keeping an eye on your tire pressure in the dark is never an issue.

This device is also the first tire sensor on our list to be partially solar powered. Its monitor comes equipped with tempered glass solar panels, which charge the device’s in-built lithium batteries. On cloudier days, though, the monitor can be charged using a USB cable. The highly efficient solar-powered monitor battery also saves you the trouble of taking the monitor in and out of your house to recharge – it can charge on the go