Zencar Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station


This item is another that places a premium on producing an electric vehicle charger that is simple and easy to use. Unlike the item we looked at above, however, this device is not only extremely simple but also delivers a Level 2 power supply.

That translates to a 40-amp power output, which is actually very impressive given the fact that this unit it very, very small. It is also a plug and play style of charger that means it is easy to install and use, running off of a Nema 14-50 style outlet.

It also has a wide range of compatibility, with most vehicles able to be charged with this device. 25 feet of charging cable is very generous too. As a simpler device, this product does miss a few of the premium end features like enhanced controls or WiFi connectivity. That simplicity does mean it’s a bit cheaper than premium models, however.