Zerla Car Air Purifier

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The Zerla Car Air Purifier is a very versatile, multi-use car air purifier that’ll tackle everything from stale air to unpleasant odors to unhealthy breathing elements. This compact car air purifier plugs into your car’s outlet and works silently to remove odors and impure elements from the air. It releases 5.63 million negative ions per centimeter inside your vehicle, delivering powerful strength to combat odors and improve the air you breathe. You’ll know its working when you see a small blue LED light indicator on. This car air purifier also doubles as a USB charger. You can plug your devices into one of its two USB charging ports to power up as you drive. This little device will eliminate allergens, clean up the air, and even get rid of bad-for-you elements like mold, bacteria, and smoke smells.

Key Features

  • Releases 5.63 million negative ions per cm³

  • Dual USB charging ports

  • Deodorizes odors and smoke

  • Blue LED light

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Weight

    3.98 ounces


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Looking like a miniature microphone that comes with a neat-looking delicate crystal decoration at the top and bottom of its barrel design, this compact and lightweight car purifier use negatively-charged ions to interact with positively-charged particles in the air. This is to neutralize them, making them denser so that they don’t freely float in the air. This is one great way to prevent the entry of these microscopic particles through your nose and your lungs.

The FRiEQ is great for removing bad odors, smoke, pollen, dust, and other particles without having to rely on a filtration system. This saves you from having to constantly purchase replacement filters or even cleaning or maintaining the setup for optimal functioning. And since it operates on the ionizer mechanism, it’s perfect for neutralizing bacterial, viral, and even fungal species that are susceptible to ionization.

It does look good, too in your car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with USB ports to give you versatility in the use of your 12-volt car cigarette lighter socket. Nevertheless, for its friendly price and lovable styling, it’s no wonder this auto air purifier has the respect of many car owners.