ZeroR R134a AC Refrigerant Top-Kit


The ZeroR R134a AC Refrigerant Top-Kit includes three items — two 12-ounce cans of car AC refrigerant and one can tap with a gauge. With this kit, you’ll have enough refrigerant to revitalize your car’s air conditioning, and you can store the extra to keep on hand in case you need it in the future. You’ll be able to recharge even very low systems; however, you may need more refrigerant for empty systems. The included can tap with gauge will make it easy to use the refrigerant and directly apply it to your vehicle’s AC system.

This car AC refrigerant is made in the USA, and the cans meet 50 state compliant requirements. Each canister features a unique self-sealing valve, which allows you to safely and securely store extra refrigerant if needed.