ZeroR R134a Refrigerant


ZeroR R134a Refrigerant is our pick for the best overall car AC refrigerant as it’s safe, it’s made to meet purity standards, and most importantly of all, it’s effective. This refrigerant will get the job done, refreshing and recharging your car’s air conditioning system so you can enjoy cool air on the hottest days once again. Made in the USA, this car AC refrigerant meets required purity standards. It’s also made with new R134a gas, which ensures every canister is filled with freshly-made refrigerant. This prevents the rust that can accrue due to older gas and moisture inside the canister. 

This car AC refrigerant meets all 50 state-compliant design requirements, too. With a self-sealing valve built into the container, you can actually store any leftover refrigerant for use later. That gives you great value and continued use for just one price.