Zonetech License Plate Cover Shield Combo


If you’re looking for cool but simple and affordable tinted license plate covers, look no further than the Zonetech’s frames. These frames are not only clear and stylish, but they also have excellent protective abilities – virtually indestructible, they won’t break or shatter, providing great protection against the elements.

Sporting a clear bubble design, this license plate cover manages to provide a true smoke tint while remaining clear – tinted yes, but definitely not too dark to read the plates; perfect for black vehicles. As for the material they’re constructed of, it’s a quality acrylic with a UV resistant stabilizer which helps prevent discoloration while ensuring strength and durability. The frame is also incredibly protective – weatherproof, it provides protection against rain, snow, and minor physical damage, while the UV protection takes care of the sun’s damaging rays. These shields are designed to fit all standard U.S. license plates (6 x 12”) and are easy to install as they come with all the necessary tools.