ZOUYUE Women’s Waist Trainer Belt, Back Brace


A slight detour from best back braces designed just for support, the Zouyue is actually a waist trainer belt that can also double up as a back brace for lower back pain. Made from 100-percent, latex-free stretchy neoprene that won’t irritate or pinch your skin, the Zouyue wraps around your mid to lower torso and has a fully adjustable double wrap around fixture so you can tailor the compression. As a waist trainer, this back brace is flexible enough to wear at the gym where it creates a ‘sauna’ for your belly as you work out. The aim is to help with lumbar support, and you can help dial down any pain as well as improve your lower back posture when you sit. The downside is that the Zoaea waist trainer is on the bulky side, so we say either wear it with a baggy t-shirt or wear it over your workout gear.