Ztylus Stinger USB Emergency Escape Tool


Featuring some striking similarities to our top choice with a few unique differences, the Ztylus Stinger is an emergency car window breaking tool that is both easy to reach while remaining accessible, even when it’s not being used for its primary purpose. The Stinger plugs in to your cigarette lighter and is a handy USB adaptor for your electronic devices. This simple added functionality means that the likelihood of the window breaker being within your reach during an escalating situation is much higher than some of the other options available.

This is an emergency tool for your car that works in the same way as the Resqme in that you simply slice your car seatbelt open and press the hammer against the window, allowing it to do the work for you. Naturally, this comes with a slightly higher price tag. That said, if you’re looking to get yourself a USB charger for your car why not spend a little bit more and grab this multi-functional tool that can literally save your life?